AI Box Experiment Logs Archive.

The Archive

I have personally witnessed at least 14 AI box experiments as of the time of writing this post. Some of them are games where the Gatekeeper and AI chose to release logs. This is an archive of the logs that have been released, all in one place — for ease of referencing. Unless otherwise stated, it is to be assumed that these games are played under the Tuxedage ruleset.
  1. Leotal (GK) vs N9-2600 (AI) — Gatekeeper Victory
  2. Dorikka (GK) vs Miley Cyrus (AI) — Gatekeeper Victory
  3. Soundlogic (GK) vs SmoothPorcupine (AI) — Gatekeeper Victory
  4. FourFire (GK) vs glutamatergic (AI) — Gatekeeper Victory
  5. FourFire (GK) vs Helltank (AI) — Gatekeeper Victory

4 Comments on “AI Box Experiment Logs Archive.”

  1. Alfred says:

    I skimmed the first three. In these exercises it seems like the AI spends way too much time with exposition and immersion. A lot of the play-acting needs to be shelved, assumed as “given.” In the first exercise, it seems like N9-2600 takes way too long to realize that the Gatekeeper isn’t buying into immersion, especially the brand of immersion the AI is offering. If you are going to pretend, you need to be good at it, and adapt quickly to the Gatekeeper.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Had any of these GKs or AIs played with you as GKs (and which ones) [and, roughly, how many months] *before* their games recorded in the logs above?

  3. Anonymous says:

    #3 points to a mistaken URL

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