About Me.

The Blog

There are three main reasons why this blog exists.

The first reason is to improve my writing skill. Two decades of the education system has given me awful writing habits. As a result, I write very densely and yet without transmitting information efficiently. Practice makes perfect.

The second reason is as reference for my ideas. It’s sometimes tiring to explain why I believe in Modal Realism, or why I believe that Indefinite Life Extension is a serious possibility multiple times to different people. I save time in the long run by writing out the full extent of my argument on my blog, and then referring people to it whenever necessary.

The third reason is to aid recall and memory. Since I no longer believe that identity is in specific atoms, but instead in the algorithm, I consequently think of forgetting things as a form of death. By writing out my ideas, I ensure that I may remember them thousands of years into the future, so that my thinking algorithm remains as consistent as possible.

I really welcome feedback of all kinds, whether it’s about how I may improve my writing style to be more eloquent and clear, or obvious mistakes in epistemology and rationality that I have made when writing about some of my ideas.

The Person

My name is John Tuxedage Adams.

I have many ideas, but often lack the ability to express them in writing in a fluent and eloquent manner. I acknowledge this weakness, and therefore I’m going to make it a strength by writing as much as possible.

I’m an aspiring Economist, so most of my posts are going to be relevant to economics, but I also enjoy writing about philosophy, transhumanism, futurology, mathematics, politics, finance, science, or just random musings about how to optimize the world.

I have a bad habit of using too obscure and complicated words when simpler statements would suffice to convey the same meaning. In part, this habit comes from a desire to be very specific in my language. Please do not misinterpret this as arrogance or an attempt to flaunt. Let me know if I am incomprehensible; I will definitely try to rephrase my statements.

I have a driving impulse to understand the world, matched only with the greater impulse to optimize it.
I am an Atheist. Consequentialist. Rationalist.  Technocrat. Utilitarian. Marxist-sympathetic, and a Statist.  Futarchist. Environmentalist. Progressive.  Transhumanist. Extropian. Singularitarian. I am a Human Supremacist. I believe in human values, and the supremacy of the Human race. I defect against paperclippers.

I am a walking myriad of contradicting political philosophies. And yet from the inside view, they synergize perfectly, rather than exist as individual compartmentalization.
Ask and debate me about any of these topics. That which can be destroyed by the truth, should be.


My score on the Myer-Briggs personality test is either ENTJ or INTP, depending on whether I happen to be taking nootropics that day. Whilst sober, I am an ENTJ.

On the big 5 personality test, I scored 92% on openness, 86% on conscientiousness, 93% on extraversion, 74% on agreeableness, and 49% on neuroticism.


I have currently have three overarching goals — directives, if you prefer. Although I have many other desires, these three are by far the largest and most compelling of them all.
The first directive is observation. I wish to witness the rise and possible fall of the human race, and to protect it, if possible and necessary, from all external enemies, regardless of metaphysical form. In order to achieve this, I will need to attain immortality.

The second directive is salvation. I wish to acquire the means to save as people as possible from death. I strongly believe that living indefinitely is possible, and desirable.

My third directive is the optimization of human society.  For this purpose, I desire a better political and economical system. In the eyes of Utilitarianism, this may necessitate sacrifice. If capable, I will fight, against both physical enemies, as well as the darkness that engulfs all knowledge. I will make the seemingly impossible possible, and through the power of hope and dreams, collectively create a better world for the human race.

My current short term goal is to go on Wall Street and make as much money as possible — only in order to donate it to causes I believe in. As of now, that cause is Singularitarian and Transhumanist in nature. I’m one of those weird people that believe in comparative advantage.


At great risk of alienating readers, I will reveal that I have taken the IQ test several times. The highest score I have ever obtained was 148, the lowest is 134.


Over the course of my life, I have attempted to learn 5 different languages, to varying degrees of success. English, Mandarin, French, Russian, Japanese.

My best language is English. I can speak Chinese somewhat fluently, and I can understand basic Japanese, provided that we converse slowly.

My attempts at learning French and Russian are not as successful.



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3 Comments on “About Me.”

  1. john says:

    Tuxedage is a self absorbed young man. TL;DR

  2. Anonymous says:

    hi. I sent an e-mail to tuxedage@hotmail.com
    but the adress obviously doen’t exist, or does not work

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